Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I can do internet

I can't believe I'm on the internet. How did I ever do that by myself. Anyway, I don't know how all this will work yet, but a primary function of this site is to give free access to songs I've written and recorded. I might do all the personal stuff too, and mix work and play (environment and music), and vice versa, who knows, I might go completely off the wall yet, even post regularly - I'm not sure. But for now, when everything is all set up and I get some technical help you people reading this will be able to link to my music and listen to it. Even download it perhaps. But I dunno yet. All I know is this is easy so far, even for me - Computer Imbecile. I don't know how to do any interior decorating yet but the picture above is me and the picture below this text is the birthplace of "Sound On Earth", 43 Queen's Road, St. John's, an apartment I lived in about a year ago. I now live in 19 York St. after vacating 71 Cochrane St. I enjoy moving up and down the street. "Sound On Earth" is my first good sounding DIY (dooityerslf) demo. "Post Modern Bluegrass" is my first and second (tape then alternate takes cd) not so good sounding DIY demo. Who knows where this website will go from here. I'm some glad its free.


Shannon said...

Congratulations Ficken on getting your face on the Internet. Perhaps I can Google (can't believe I just used that as a verb) you now. The recordings sound great. A Question: Le Mont Vert? The Green Mountain? Brings back some good memories. Let's do it again this summer.

Cretos said...

Shannon, I'm up for getting lost, dehydrated, and beat up in the woods again in "Green Mountain", sounds like a good plan. We'll be better prepared this time.

But if you Google my name, make sure you click on "pages from Canada", otherwise you get a lot of stuff that's not me.