Monday, January 22, 2007

Commence: Dan's Blag

Ok, I've got the technicalities figured out thanks to the help of my good buddy Dave, who happens to not only know computer programming, but exactly the type of programming I need for the purposes of this website. This freeeee freeee freeeee website. I'll explain:

There was actually very little coding involved compared to the advice I received in order to create this site the way I wanted it. A person by the name of Philip Clark, who also creates very unique music under the name of A/V, happens to have a large hard drive which he is generously offering to share with other musicians and bands in exchange for a hard copy of the posted music.
His website is:

Anyway, I have stored my music on his hard drive (I think that's how that works) and now anyone (you reading) can access them whenever you want. Just click on the song titles on the side and poof. If you have Quick Time already installed, the songs will play right away. If you don't then you will have to download them in order to listen to them on your media player. Right-clicking the links will also give you an option to download them if you want to.

If you download them, share them etc if you want or not whatever, but be nice about it if you know what I mean. I wouldn't mind that if you download the songs and decide to keep them or share them, send me an email or leave a comment on this site just for my own tracking purposes. It's nice to know who is listening and doing what with the files. Of course, nothing compares to a good hard compact disc anyway :P

So that's that. Thanks to Philip I have a means of storing these MP3's to be shared, and thanks to Dave I was able to create this blog the way it is. I plan on posting other various things for your interest (pictures, links, articles, etc) in the near future. You'll just have to check back every now and again to see what they are.

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