Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Website!

Hi folks, another long due post in this blog. Just wanted to write three great points:

First I have made a new new website!

I am hoping to divert traffic from this site to the new site. Although you can still add posts to this one because it is a blog. Anyhow, feel free to browse and enjoy the new site. It contains a biography, testimonials, MP3 clips, contact info, links to other sites of interest and a variety of photographs and artwork, and photographs that I have turned into blue-themed "artwork".

Second, I have signed up to do another RPM album this February, I have some good ideas brewing for new songs, and if I have time, I am going to record a few previously unreleased songs as well. I am thinking of new ideas and tunes for the 6 string guitar as well as the 12 string and I have also decided to explore how I used to write my older compositions and mix it with the new for a more varied and creative, fresh sound while still maintaining the essential and familiar Dan Ficken guitar sound. I will post the link to the RPM site when the songs are uploaded at the end of the month.

Thirdly and equally as exciting, a new song I had written in 2010 called "Pulling at the Moon" is being featured on a CD of featured artists and songwriters compiled by the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl (AAMP - to be released in 2011. I will make a new post when the cd is ready

Stay tuned, it's a good productive time for me :)

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