Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Black Water

So here's another post.

Figured I should add some pictures to compliment the last one.

I mentioned a song with vocals. Well, I've called it Black Water since that is the current colour of Nut Brook, which passes through a rural Industrial zone on the outskirts of St. John's. It is about as polluted as water can get. I'll post two phases I have seen it in:

This phase was observed in 2005, when this section of the brook was only visibly affected by landfill leachate, quarry sediment, and a slight bit of oil and raw sewage. (See above pictures of the reddish-brown water).

The second phase was observed in 2006 when the vegetation began reappearing on the sediment deposit but the river got far worse:

It turned black when it became visibly contaminated with an increased amount of oil and raw sewage in addition to the leachate and sediment. The water was so stagnant after that, toxic blue green algae was observed to be colonising the stream. Have a look:

Sooooooo, there's a "slight" problem here. I won't get into it, and I don't think I should post pictures of the source (they are too gross to look at), but that's the mindset of the people who are responsible for the discharges, and of all three levels of government who know about this but as of yet have not done very much to work out this problem.

That's where my song Black Water came about. Maybe I'll record it and post it sometime. And a reminder to newcomers, all the other songs posted can be heard by clicking on the titles on the top right.

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