Monday, February 19, 2007

Sad news plus good news

A sad time for traditional music, Newfoundlanders, and Irish Folk alike; Dermot O'Reilly has died. I haven't really posted much on this since I started this blog, so I will post my regrets online for Dermot and everyone who knew him. I hope there will be a great concert in his honour.

As a positive note, I am going to add a link to SWORDS' website. An excellent band who have helped me out musically and who gave me the idea to start this blog. They have their entire EP available to listen to at:

Although I borrowed their idea to post my MP3's online, they borrowed my idea to make their website the colour black. Although I can't prove that. We will fight, Adam Goodwin, we will fight. Oh, but thanks for helping to master Sound On Earth. Just remember, Star Wars is best enjoyed on VHS when remastered in THX. The picture and audio will not be compared to the pathetic CG of the newer releases. I laugh at thee face, computer graphics, I laugh upon thine crumpled heap. Ok, I've gone too far. I have mixed good taste with bad taste. But you gotta have a sense of humour during sad times.

Perhaps I will randomly add a picture to momentarily distract you all while we reflect on the wonderful music that Dermot O'Reilly has provided us with over the decades.

This is a backyard shot of some houses packed into the east end of Gower Street. Taken from a gap in Cochrane Street. We live close together in downtown St. John's. As an added fact, the A1C area code, where this picture is located, has the most dense population of artists and people of cultural note in all of Canada. Maybe I will add more pictures in the future. For those who haven't seen the Costa Rica pics, the link is on the side of this page and is a little bit inconspicuous. Maybe I will make an Ireland album too because those pictures are really nice to look at. Anyway, I will make a permanent SWORDS link on the side of this page. I think I will try and record a few more things I have been working on and post them in the near future as well.

Well, here we go. So not to underplay the original message of this post, I have decided to add this drawing to the bottom instead of making a new post. Reviewed and neither approved nor disapproved by a modern art critic in New York City in 2005 or late 2004 when I originally created this work of art, I thought it would make a great show poster for last fall. It was immediately rejected. I will slip it in there one day though.

All walk good now.

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